Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Kooks - "Shine On" chords and lyrics

I have earlier posted the first single from the Kooks brilliant "Konk" album - "Always where I need to be", which was a #3 hit in the UK singles chart.

The second single "Shine On" has only had modest success in the singles chart, but as "Konk" spent some time at #1 in the album chart this is probably understandable.

Another really catchy, fun to play song in the Kooks inimitable style. I've worked out my interpretation of the chords and lyrics, which you can check on on my Kooks song chords page at the link below:

PJs Kooks Guitar Chords and Lyrics page

Once again, it's in a somewhat awkward key - F sharp - so I've transposed the chords down to F, if you put a capo on the first fret you should get the right sound if you want to play along with the original.

You can buy all of the Kooks music at CDUniverse - The Kooks Music page

The Kooks official site can be found at and their MySpace page is at

Enjoy your music!

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