Saturday, September 06, 2008

Lucky Jim - "Lovely to me" chords and lyrics

TV advertistements continue to be a great source of songs for me to work out and add to the collection on my site. There are some absolutely dreadful advertisements out there, but luckily there are at least a few TV ad execs who get that putting a catchy, fairly unknown song ( e.g. Willy Mason "Oxygen" for Sony Bravia ) is a great attention grabber, and gets people talking about the ad, the song ( and possibly even the product! ).

On UK TV recently there has been an ad for Kingsmill bread which featured a song called "Lovely to Me" which really grabbed popular attention. For the first few weeks of the ad when I Googled the song name, all I could get were questions on forums asking 'What is this song? Who sings it? Why haven't we heard it before?.

Well, I'm still not a whole lot wiser, seems to be nothing on Wikipedia, but I do know that the song is by an artist called Lucky Jim, and taken from his 2004 album "Our troubles end tonight".

Anywaze, I've worked out my version of the chords and lyrics to the song, and posted them to my Guitar Chords and Lyrics site at the link below:

Lyrics and Guitar Chords for "Lovely to Me" by Lucky Jim

If you've heard the song and want to check out the rest of Lucky Jim's work, try this CD Universe - Lucky Jim music page

I couldn't locate an official website for Lucky Jim, but there is quite a bit of info and some song samples at . There is also a Lucky Jim MySpace page at

Enjoy your music!

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