Friday, September 26, 2008

Duffy - "Warwick Avenue" chords and lyrics

Ok, regular visitors to the Blog or to the website ( PJs Guitar Chords and Lyrics ) will know that I have an eclectic mix of songs across a number of genres, and over a number of decades. They do all have one thing in common - I like them! While I never turn away requests for help with chords for any song, I only actually post songs to the site and blog if I would enjoy playing them myself

You will find very few ( if any ) rap songs, gangsta songs, rhythm & bass etc songs ( as opposed to rhythm'n'blues - I have a 'Soul/R&B song chords' page dedicated to these ). Which is why it is usually only as a last resort that I turn to checking out the UK and US singles charts for inspiration for new songs. But on a few occasions, I've been glad I did. At the beginning of this month I was browsing the UK charts and found "Warwick Avenue" - a song I'd heard just a few times on radio, but which I really liked. For some reason I had pigeon-holed Duffy into the above categories, but I was determined to include "Warwick Avenue", so I've worked out a chords and lyrics version for guitar, it's on my "Soul/R&B song chords page (link below:)

Duffy - "Warwick Avenue" guitar chords and lyrics

Duffy's official website is at and next time you're on MySpace check out her page at

If you are an early learner, or are in a rut and want to kick on your guitar playing, I have a list of cool and useful guitarist resources on my Online Guitarist Resources page you should check out.

Enjoy your music!

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