Thursday, January 07, 2010

Rory Gallagher "If the day was any longer" chords

I received a request for a Rory Gallagher song, from his days with Taste, the song being "If the day was any longer" from the 1970 "On the Boards" album.

While I do have a Rory Gallagher song chords page on my guitar chords and lyrics website, I don't have a great many Rory songs, as my site is primarily aimed at learning guitarists, and the songs are in simple chords and lyrics format, not usually suited to Rory's unique and complex sound.

When I played the song on YouTube however, I actually remembered it, and it's one of those gorgeous mellow bluesy ballads Rory used to play as part of the acoustic section of his gigs.

So I was able to work out a version just using chords E, E7, A, G and B7, which should make it playable for most learning guitarists.

I have posted the song to at the link below:

Rory Gallagher guitar chords - If the day was any longer

You should try playing along with the video above ( it's also on YouTube - Rory Gallager and Taste: If the Day was any Longer )

Rory Gallagher's official website is at: , and his fantastic albums can be checked out at the link below:

Rory Gallagher CDs at CD Universe

Enjoy your music!

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