Thursday, May 30, 2013

Guitar chords for Blur "Country House" and "Parklife"

I was fortunate enough during the 'Britpop battle' between Blur and Oasis in the 90s to actually really like both bands, so I have Blur and Oasis song chord pages on my website.

The Blur page is the subject of today's attention, I have coverted the text pages for "Country House" and "Parklife", in the process correcting some errors and omissions, including patiently placing the chords in the correct places for the spoken-word  parts of "Parklife".

The new pages containing these songs are at the links below, and videos for both songs have been embedded. The songs are chorded in the correct key for playing along with the video.

"Country House features chords - A  E  Bm  D  C#7  C#  E  and E7  ( see Guitar Chords for Country House )

"Parklife" has chords  -  E  A  Bb  B   G  F#  D  and C ( see Guitar Chords for Parklife )

These new versions have been added to the other Blur songs on the page, which I'll be reviewing at a  later date, you can find them all at the link below:

Guitar Chords and Lyrics to Songs by Blur

Video - Blur "Country House"

Video - Blur "Parklife"

Play along with the videos above to help you learn the tempo, strumming etc.

Go to CDUniverse to browse Blur albums and other works: Randy Newman music at CDUniverse
If you're looking to improve your guitar playing, check out my friend Dan Denley's great Acoustic Guitar Lessons site.

Enjoy your music!

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