Friday, May 31, 2013

Guitar chords for The Pogues "Dirty Old Town" and "Fiesta"

Forging on with my website upgrade,  today I'm moving on to my Pogues guitar songs page, and giving the 'makeover' and health check to two of my favourite songs of theirs, "Dirty Old Town", and "Fiesta" .  "Dirty Old Town" is an old classic ballad by Ewan McColl ( father of the late and sadly missed Kirsty ), covered by many artists, but The Pogues version has always been my favourite.  "Fiesta" is a riotous Mariachi band pastiche that always brings a smile to the face.

The new pages containing these songs are at the links below, and videos for both songs have been embedded. The songs are chorded in the correct key for playing along with the video.

"Dirty Old Town" features chords - G   C   D  and Em,  but for the harmonica intro the key is changed to D, so the chords here are  D  G  A  and Bm.  For a later instrumental part, on Uileann Pipes,  the key changes to  C, so the chords here are  C  F  G  and Am  ( see Guitar Chords for Dirty Old Town )

"Fiesta" has chords  -  G   D7  and  C,  with a G#o ( xx3434 ) and a Cm in the closing chords ( see Guitar Chords for Fiesta )

These new versions have been added to the other Pogues on the page.  I'll be tackling these on my next pass through. You can find all of  my Pogues songs guitar transcriptions at the link below:

Guitar Chords and Lyrics to Songs by The Pogues

Video - The Pogues "Dirty Old Town"

Video - The Pogues "Fiesta"
Play along with the videos above to help you learn the tempo, strumming etc.

Go to CDUniverse to browse The Pogues albums and other works: The Pogues music at CDUniverse
If you're looking to improve your guitar playing, check out my friend Dan Denley's great Acoustic Guitar Lessons site.

Enjoy your music!

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