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Guitar chords for Lou Reed "Perfect Day" and "Satellite of Love"

Once again, venturing back into the prairies of songs on my site, replacing the text files with web file, embedding videos, correcting chords and lyrics where appropriate, and transposing to the key of the original song on video, to make it easier for learning guitarists to pick up the song by playing along with the original artist.

It's like meeting old friends at times, songs I've always loved, but haven't gotten around to playing myself in a long time.  My site is deliberately eclectic - I had the choice at the beginning ( 15 years ago! ) of accepting submissions from everyone and building the site as a 'warehouse' of songs, or only including songs I like and enjoy playing, and where I have worked out the chords and lyrics myself.

I opted for 'eclectic', and while you won't find every song ever written ( or every artist ), I have a wide enough taste to ensure that most visitors find chords for at least a bunch of songs they want to play, among the 2,000 odd I have available.

Working on the Lou Reed page today, and I have re-transcribed two of my all-time favourite songs "Perfect Day" and "Satellite of Love".   Neither of the songs were in the original key ( I had transcribed them to suit my own voice ), so I've changed "Perfect Day" from A minor to Bb minor, by the addition of a Capo on the first fret, and for 'Satellite of Love', which I'd always played in G, but which is actually in F, I transcribed it to D, indicating a Capo on the 3rd,  as playing in F would have led to some tricky chords.

The new pages containing these songs are at the links below, and videos for both songs have been embedded. The songs are chorded in the correct key for playing along with the video.

"Perfect Day" chords ( relative to Capo ) are - Am   G   C   F   Dm   E   A   Amaj7  Dmaj7  D6 and F#m  ( see Guitar Chords for Perfect Day )

"Satellite Of Love" chords ( relative to Capo ) are D  E  G  A  Bm  and Em - a nice easy set of chords for beginners  ( see Guitar Chords for Satellite of Love )

These new versions are now available on my Lou Reed page, along with a bunch more which I will get to as soon as I can.  You can find all of  my Lou Reed songs guitar transcriptions at the link below:

Guitar Chords and Lyrics to Songs by Lou Reed

Video - Lou Reed "Perfect Day"

Video - Lou Reed "Satellite Of Love"

Play along with the videos above to help you learn the tempo, strumming etc.

Go to CDUniverse to browse Lou Reed albums and other works: Lou Reed music at CDUniverse
If you're looking to improve your guitar playing, check out my friend Dan Denley's great Acoustic Guitar Lessons site.

Enjoy your music!

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