Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Guitar Chords - Creedence Clearwater Revival: Up Around The Bend & Long as I Can See The Light

It's a lotta fun, this blogging lark - yesterday I was 'Up the Junction' with Squeeze, today I'm going 'Up around the Bend' with Creedence Clearwater Revival!!

I'm reworking two of the classic songs on my Creedence guitar chords page - "Up around the Bend" and "Long as I can see the Light"

First thing I discovered was that I had both songs in the wrong key. These would have been worked out in pre-YouTube days, back then I was just working the keys and chords from my memories of the song, it's so much easier now that you can listen to pretty much every song on YouTube while working out the chords.

There were also a few endline 'filler' chords I'd omitted, which make the song sound more complete. I converted the text files to web files, added links to the parent and home page, and embedded the videos to play along with.

The converted and updated pages with these songs are at the links below, and videos for both songs have been embedded. The songs are chorded in the correct key for playing along with the video.

"Up Around The Bend" chords are -   D  A  A7  G  and F#m, a nice easy set of chords for learning guitar players.  ( see Guitar Chords for Up Around The Bend  )

"Long as I can see the Light" chords  are ( relative to capo on 2nd fret )  A  E  D  and F#m, also a handy enough bunch of chords for beginners  ( see Guitar Chords for Long as I can see the Light )

These new versions are now available on my Creedence Clearwater Revival guitar chords page, along with another 10 or so, I'll be revisiting the page to 'fix up' these songs ASAP.    You can find all of  my Creedence songs guitar transcriptions at the link below:

Guitar Chords and Lyrics to Songs by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Video - Creedence 'Up Around The Bend'

Video - Creedence 'Long As I Can See The Light'

Play along with the videos above to help you learn the tempo, strumming etc.

Go to CDUniverse to browse Creedence albums and other works: Creedence music at CDUniverse
If you're looking to improve your guitar playing, check out my friend Dan Denley's great Acoustic Guitar Lessons site.

Enjoy your music!

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