Monday, June 03, 2013

Chords and lyrics for Squeeze "Cool For Cats" and "Up The Junction

Still working through my artist pages and updating and correcting the song transcriptions.  Today it's the turn of Squeeze, and their two major hits from 1979 "Cool For Cats" and "Up The Junction".

Only a few small changes, but I've converted them from text to web files, included links back to the Home Page and the Squeeze chords page, and embedded the Youtube videos of the songs  so you can play along with the originals.

The converted and updated pages with these songs are at the links below, and videos for both songs have been embedded. The songs are chorded in the correct key for playing along with the video.

"Cool For Cats" chords are - G  G/F#  Em  C  Am  Eb  Cm,  A  ( see Guitar Chords for Cool For Cats  )

"Up The Junction" chords  are E  A  C#m  G#m  F#m  B  D  Am  Gm  F  D  and Bm  ( see Guitar Chords for Up The Junction )

These new versions are now available on my Squeeze guitar chords page, along with just a few more, I'll get around to these as soon as possible.   You can find all of  my Squeeze songs guitar transcriptions at the link below:

Guitar Chords and Lyrics to Songs by Squeeze

Video - Squeeze 'Cool For Cats'

Video - Squeeze 'Up The Junction'
Play along with the videos above to help you learn the tempo, strumming etc.

Go to CDUniverse to browse Squeeze albums and other works: Squeeze music at CDUniverse
If you're looking to improve your guitar playing, check out my friend Dan Denley's great Acoustic Guitar Lessons site.

Enjoy your music!

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