Thursday, October 02, 2008

David Gray - The One I Love

2nd October: Posted David Gray's "The One I Love" to my David Gray page: Haven't heard the rest of the new stuff, but it sounds like they could be back to their best.

Enjoy your music,

P.J. Murphy
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UGLJVBEJ said...

how read music guitar.

When I first saw a 12 year old friend make great music---seemingly out of thin air!---
with just a guitar and a piece of paper with some music squiggles on the page, my jaw dropped.

I was so hooked.

It took me nearly another 20 years to how read music guitar

Boy! It can take you way less than 20 hours now!

LBBMBMUQ said...

rhythm guitar.

Some guitar players make a virtue out of NOT
knowing rhythm guitar.

But they make a HUGE vice out of not beng able to read their cellphone keypad.

'Scuse me?

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