Thursday, October 09, 2008

Weezer - "Peace" Guitar Chords and Lyrics

As a very prolific band, who I only picked up on late in the day, I have quite a backlog of Weezer songs to work out, so while my last effort was to work out the chords and lyrics to "Pork and Beans" from the new album, this time round I'm going back in time to 2005, and concentrating on "Peace" from the "Make Believe" album.

The album itself received mixed reviews, with perhaps a 'pop-ier' sound on songs like 'Beveley Hills' and 'We are all on drugs' ( both of which are included on my Weezer chords & lyrics page ),
I've always thought if it as (another) transitional album for them, with classic songs like "This is Such a Pity", "The Damage in your Heart", "Freak Me Out", and of course, this song, one of my favourite of Weezer's.

I've worked out my version of the chords and lyrics to "Peace" and posted them to my Weezer guitar chords page. It's a really catchy song, I hope you like it, and will have fun playing and singing along.

Weezer's official site is at : and you can check out their album and singles list on their CDUniverse page

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Enjoy your music!

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