Friday, October 24, 2008

James Morrison - You make it real for me chords & lyrics

I've had quite a number of requests for this song, the first single from James Morrison's 2008 album "Songs for You, Truths for me'. While I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan - this is the only song I've heard from the album thus far - JM does have a nice mellow style of playing, the songs are catchy and popular ( and written by him ), so I could visualize myself playing this song at a work/friends/family get-together, which is my usual criteria for whether to work out and post a song to my site.

In any case, I have previously worked out the chords to "You give me Something" from the debut "Undiscovered" album. So, having passed the acid test, I've worked out a very playable version of "You make it real", which I've posted to my "Miscellaneous Pop guitar chords" page at the link below:

Guitar chords and lyrics to James Morrison "You Make it Real for Me"

You can find out more about James Morrison on his official website at :

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