Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Duffy - "Stepping Stone" guitar chords & lyrics

Having originally confused Duffy with one of the many pop/rap throwaway artists who largely populate the charts these days, I was blown away when I heard "Warwick Avenue" on the radio, and discovered that this was far from the case - along with Amy Winehouse, Aimee Anne Duffy is one of the best female soul singers I've heard in decades.

I posted my version of "Warwick Avenue" a while back, and hope to post more of Duffy's songs. This time around I've worked out the chords and lyrics to her latest single "Stepping Stone", from her debut album "Rockferry", you can find it on my "Soul/R&B song chords page (link below:)

Duffy - "Stepping Stone" guitar chords and lyrics

Duffy's official website is at http://www.iamduffy.com/ and next time you're on MySpace check out her page at http://www.myspace.com/duffymyspace

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Enjoy your music!

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