Thursday, October 23, 2008

Paul Weller ( The Jam ) - Two Songs!

I had a request ( from a work colleague ), for the chords to Paul Weller's version of the Sister Sledge song 'Thinking of You', from his covers album, "Studio 150"

Having worked out the song and placed it in my Jam / Paul Weller song folder, I discovered that my favourite ( and most people's) Paul Weller song 'You do something to me' was sitting in the folder, but had never been posted to my website! At the time I originally worked out the chords for this, it was a NEW SONG! So, rather late in the day, I've made amends. Both songs are now available on my Jam and Paul Weller song chords page below:

PJ's Guitar Chords and Lyrics - Jam and Paul Weller Song Chords

Paul Weller's official website is at : and you can check out his discography and purchase his albums at the CD Universe link below:

Enjoy your music!

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