Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weezer - 'Pork & Beans' chords and lyrics

For my most recent post of a Weezer song, I went all the way back to 1994 with "Suzanne" from the original eponymous "Weezer" ( known as the "Blue Album" ).

Well, the boys are still going strong, and this time I have worked out my interpretation of their new single "Pork and Beans", from their second album with the main title of "Weezer", but which is known as the "Red Album".

Althought there are 14 years, a bunch of great albums and 22 singles seperating the two, Weezer have managed to retain the charm of their old sound, without compromizing or sounding repetitive. It makes me think of all of the promising bands who have tried too hard to keep their sound changing, usually ending up losing the old fan base along the way, without creating a new generation of loyal fans.

Not that Weezer haven't made innovative changes along the way, but just that they have never strayed too far from the sound they obviously were formed to create. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

I've worked out my version of the chords and lyrics to "Pork and Beans" and posted them to my Weezer guitar chords page. It's a really catchy song, I hope you like it, and will have fun playing and singing along.

Weezer's official site is at : weezer.com and you can check out their album and singles list on their CDUniverse page

Enjoy your music!

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