Monday, July 21, 2008

Tom Waits, John Kongos songs

Two new songs added to the site, the delicious "Singapore" by the inimitable Tom Waits, and a probably lesser known song: "Tokoloshe Man" by John Kongos.

My love of Tom Waits music is probably pretty obvious by now! Much of his stuff is difficult to translate just for guitar, but I've done my best with "Singapore", great song!

You can find my interpretation on my Tom Waits page:

Younger visitors are probably saying "John WHO??". But if you haven't heard Kongos' early 70's 'Jungle Stomp' songs, you should really try to get hold of both "Tokoloshe Man" and "He's Gonna Step on you again" ( covered by Def Leppard, among others ) - the songs are available on iTunes according to His "Tribal Stomp" sound was, I believe, the first use of authentic African music fused with rock, well worth checking out.

Both songs are posted on my "Rock Songs" page, at: ( "He's gonna step..." ) and ( "Tokoloshe Man" ).

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Enjoy your music!

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