Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nickelback - "I'd come for you" guitar chords & lyrics

Up to now I didn't have a Nickelback page on my guitar chords & lyrics site, but I had previously posted my interpretations of "You Remind Me", "Rock Star" and "Be Somebody" to my Rock song chords page. As I have now added the song chords and lyrics for "I'd come for you", one of the other singles from the Dark Horse album, and am pretty certain to be adding more, I've created a seperate Nickelback song chords page on the site. You can now find the 3 earlier song interpretations, plus my chords and lyrics version of "I'll come for you" on the new Nickelback page:

Guitar Chords and Lyrics to Nickelback "I'd Come for You" ( plus other Nickelback songs )

Nickelback's official website can be found here:

If you are an early learner, or feel that you haven't yet reached your potential as a guitar player, I have put together a list of cool and useful guitarist resources on my Online Guitarist Resources page, you should really check these out!

Enjoy your music!

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