Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lisa Mitchell "Neapolitan Dreams" guitar chords and lyrics

Regular readers of my Blog will know that as I try to come up with good new songs for the website, I use TV shows and TV ads quite a lot for my inspiration.

The song from the UK "Surf" ad caught my attention quite a few weeks ago, but only this week I managed to catch the artistname and song title from a radio play - it's "Neapolitan Dreams" by Lisa Mitchell. I have to confess I knew nothing of Lisa, but have discovered from the ever-reliable Wikipedia that she is a young Austrialian singer-songwriter, and the song "Neapolitan Dreams" is from the soundtrack of "Packed to the Rafters", an Australian Comedy show. This album looks worth checking out, as it also features songs by Jason Mraz, Gabrielli Cilmi and Jose Gonzalez, among others.

"Neapolitan Dreams" is a really cute little song, and easy to play, featuring only 4 chords - C, C/B Am F, a very common riff - but Lisa gives the song a really distinctive sound. It is certainly one of those songs to add to the repertoire ( particularly for female guitarist/singers ), with it's anthemic "Ba-da, ba-da-da-da-da..." sing along bit at the end of the chorus, it should go down well at sessions with friends / family.

If you'd like to try playing this song, check out my interpretation at this link:

Miscellaneous Pop guitar songs - Lisa Mitchel 'Neapolitan Dreams'

If you feel like playing along to the originl, check out the YouTube version at this link:

Lisa's official website is at : , and their music can be browsed or bought online at the link below:

Lisa Mitchell CDs at CD Universe

Enjoy your music!

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