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Badfinger - Come and get it chords and lyrics

I've often been listening to radio, or watching TV and a great old 70s song from my .. em.. infancy... comes on, and I think 'That's a brilliant guitar song, nice chord sequence, not too tricky, good melody' But I end up not working it out for inclusion on my guitar chords Website or this Blog on the basis that most of the guitar community are just too young to know the song.

This situation arose recently watching "Top of the Pops 2" when Badfinger appeared, playing "Come and Get It", a really nice pop/rock song, with a great melody, and mostly straightforward chords, with one or two challenging ones for the early learning guitarist.

So I figured that while there will be people going 'What-finger? - who???', that in the age of YouTube and Wikipedia there are no excuses for anyone not being able to listen to a song, or find out about an artist - I'll post it, and encourage people to have a listen and maybe learn a little about the band. They were actually mentored by none other than The Beatles ( particularly George, if memory serves ), and for a while were touted as the next BIG band from the Apple label.

Unfortunately tragedy overtook two of the band members, and the band never realised it's potential. But they have left us with some great tracks, and I'm happy to have worked out chords and lyrics to 'Come and Get it', which I've posted on my Pop guitar songs page, at the link below:

Chords and Lyrics to Pop songs - Badfinger 'Come and get it'

You can buy Badfinger music at CDUniverse - Badfinger Music page

While there doesn't appear to be an official Badfinger website, individual members have their sites ( just search for: badfinger official website ), as usual wikipedia is the best source of information if you want to find out more about the band. Link below:

Badfinger Wikipedia page

Enjoy your music!

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