Monday, May 25, 2009

Noah and the Whale - Shape of my Heart chords and lyrics

As with "5 Years Time" ( which is also featured on my Rock Guitar song chords page ) "Shape of My Heart" seems to have been another slow burner, in that both of these released earlier as singles from the 2008 album "Peaceful, the world lays me down", and have since both been re-released as singles, as the reputation of the band gains momentum.

I'm kinda undecided whether they're a good band or a GREAT band, the songs are really very simple, but have the same kind of appeal for me as The Kinks, or say, Belle and Sebastian. But they are good fun to play, and many ( including "Shape of My Heart" ) can be played with just 3 Major chords and one Minor.

I've worked out my version of the chords and lyrics for "Shape of my Heart" - it's in the key of F, chords are F, Bb, C with an Am in the chorus. If you're an early learner and find these chords difficult, you can transpose down to C and put a capo on the 5th Fret, so you'll be playing: G,C,F,C for the verse, and Em,F,C for the chorus. Check out my guide to chord transposition to learn how to do this for any song where you find the chords too tricky, or where the key of the song doesn't suit your voice.

I've posted my interpretation of the chords and lyrics for "Shape of My Heart" to my Rock guitar songs page at the link below:

Miscellaneous rock guitar songs: Noah and the Whale "Shape of My Heart"

Check out the YouTube version of the song if you want to play along - YouTube - Noah and the Whale "Shape of My Heart"

The official Noah and the Whale website is , you can check out their music online at the link below:

"Noah and the Whale" music at CD Universe

If you're looking to improve your guitar playing, check out my list of cool and useful guitarist resources on ( where else! ) my Online Guitarist Resources page

Enjoy your music!

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m78w said...

Cool tune, I haven't head of Noah and Whale before, but I'm going to go out and check out more of their music asap! Very cool video as well.