Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wilco "Summer Teeth" guitar chords and lyrics

Looking forward immensely to hearing the new Wilco album ( imaginatively titled "Wilco, the album"...!), their first since 'Sky Blue Sky', and by all accounts a class collection of songs.

Meantime, I'm listening to my back catalogue, and have picked "Summerteeth" from the 1999 album of the same name, to work out chords and lyrics, and add to my site.

A bit tricky for the early learner, as it's in the key of E, with the main chords being E, C#m, F# and A. Here I would often suggest transposing to an easier key, say C major, where these chords would become C, Am, D and F - but... the final part of the song switches to the key of G major, so the transposition would bring this part to Eb major - even more difficult chords to manage.

If you really like the song, it's worth while going to the effort of learning and practicing the chords you're not too familiar with - this is something I would always advocate for early learners - it's a carrot & stick approach to making sure you continue to improve!

You can find my chords and lyrics interpretation of "Summer Teeth" on my Wilco page (below):

Wilco - "Summer Teeth" song chords and lyrics

If the video above doesn't play correctly, you can find it on HERE on YouTube

Wilco's official site is If you want to browse or buy Wilco music online, click the link below:

Wilco CDs at CD Universe

Enjoy your music!

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