Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Moeraes Fate ( was Dame ) - Listen and vote for the future of rock!

Ok, I have a small favour to ask. It will take a few minutes of your time, but I think it will be an enjoyable experience. It involves listening to a great new band called Moeraes Fate ( formerly Dame ). NOTE 29 Sept 09 - Dame have been re-invented as Moraes Fate, are about to release a new EP, and you can follow their fortunes at Moeraes Fate on Facebook

Because of my song chords website, I've been involved in pretty much all of the social media sites for several years now. Needless to say, most of my Myspace and Facebook 'friends' are bands and artists - 'birds of a feather' and all that. Which is great, because I get to listen to new bands and keep my finger on the pulse of new music.

Back in November 2007 I created a blog post here extolling the virtues of Dame ( now Moeraes Fate ) - a band from the Toronto area, who are still the best new band I've heard on any of the music community websites I subscribe to. Moeraes Fate ( formerly Dame ) are a trio of young ladies who belt out some of the best rock sounds I've heard in years. Which is astonishing when you realise that none of them are over 18. They have won numerous competitions for bands in the Toronto, Canada area, and are my tip to join artists like Colbie Caillat and The Fleet Foxes ( both of whom I had previously supported and promoted ) in the transition from MySpace to the recording studio and international recognition.

What I would ask of you is to visit the voting site on YouDiscover and vote for Moeraes Fate ( formerly Dame ). You'll find two of their live videos, and two songs on audio here, but I would suggest that you also visit the Moeraes Fate ( formerly Dame ) MySpace page to get the bigger picture - some of their earlier songs, Cyclops, Intervention and Hey Angel show off their lead singer Katee's bass guitar skills, as well as her kickass vocals, alternately sweetly seductive and in-your-face goddamn scary! This is a live acoustic version of one of their new songs "Making of the new me":

Add this to Ali's aggressive-blues licks, and Kayla's mission to beat the crap outta that drumkit ( in the best possible way! ) and you have a rock band which I'm convinced will punch their way to the mainstream, and really soon.

I know you will have received requests to listen to dozens of new bands, but please visit YouDiscover , listen, enjoy and VOTE FOR DAME! You know it makes sense - don't make me tell you in a few months that "I told you so...!"

Thanks for your attention, I'll be posting more song chords and lyrics really soon!

Enjoy your music,


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Dame said...

Hey there you rock!
We continue to appreciate all your support. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful friend. Great wedding pics buy the way.