Saturday, July 25, 2009

Modest Mouse - Blame it on the Tetons chords & lyrics

Just posted my second Modest Mouse song! It was last September that I worked out and posted the anthemic "Good Times are killing me". I had meant to take more time to listen to their stuff, particularly with Johnny Marr as the guitar player on their later stuff.

"Blame it on the Tetons" is also from the "Good news for people who love bad news" album. Early learners shouldn't be put off by the first chord - Dadd11 - it's really just a D major chord with the 3rd string left open, and the 6th string muted ( usually with your thumb ).

Other than that the chords are playable enough - G, C, D, Cmaj7, and Am. There is a little riff on the C chord which just involves removing and adding the index finger ( kinda slow 'hammer-off', 'hammer-on' ). I could have expressed this as C-Cmaj7-C-Cmaj7, but I've just used C*, with an explanation of the riff at the start of the transcription.

You can check out my version of "Blame it on the Tetons" at the link below:

Modest Mouse - Chords and Lyrics for "Blame it on the Tetons"

If the video above doesn't play correctly, you can find the song on this Youtube link

You can buy their albums, including "Good News...." at the CD Universe Modest Mouse music page

The official Modest Mouse website is at and you can check out their MySpace page at

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