Sunday, October 18, 2009

Paolo Nutini - "Last request" chords & lyrics

This is my 3rd Paolo Nutini song, having previously posted "New Shoes" and "Candy" to my Pop songs chords and lyrics page.

Another melodic ballad, with a big-hitting chorus, that's really fun to play and sing. If you find the chords difficult ( verse: F Am Cm Gm, bridge: Bb Dm Gm, chorus: F Am Dm Gm Bb C ), you can use my Guide to chord transposition to slide the chords to a key which suits your playing ability. Sliding down 3 semitones would give you verse: D F#m Am Em, bridge: G Bm Em, chorus: D F#m Bm Em G A. Just put a capo on 3rd fret to bring it up to the original key.

I have posted my version of the song chords and lyrics for "Last Request" to my Pop Songs chords and lyrics page at the link below:

PJ's Guitar Chords and Lyrics - Paolo Nutini "Last Request"

If the video clip above doesn't play correctly, click here to play the YouTube video.

Paolo's new album, "Sunny Side Up", and his previous record "These Streets" can be purchased online at
this Paolo Nutini CD Universe music link

Paolo's official website is at

Enjoy your music!

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