Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Snow Patrol "Just say Yes" chords and lyrics

Snow Patrol are one of those bands who I really like, but maybe not in my 'Top 10', but I always enjoy playing Snow Patrol songs on my guitar, so I was thrilled to find out that they're releasing a new compilation album "Up To Now" this month, with studio tracks, B sides and three brand new songs, the first of which "Just Say Yes" will be their new single.

Never one to let the grass grow under my feet, I've got off the blocks quickly, and worked out my chords and lyrics version of "Just Say Yes" . Snow Patrol songs don't tend to be too difficult to play - this one is no exception, with just the chords A, D, F#m, D throughout the entire song ( or if you're an early learner and find the F#m a bit tricky, you can put your capo on the 2nd fret and play G, C, Em, C ).

I've posted my version of "Just Say Yes" to my Snow Patrol Song Chords page, please feel free to check it out.

Try playing along with the video above, or at YouTube - Snow Patrol "Just say Yes"

You can find the official Snow Patrol website at:

Chris Elmore, who has been a great supporter and regular contributor to my newsletter has consolidated all of his guitarist resources under one banner - elmore-music.

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For early learners, or those who want to bring their guitar playing to a higher level, I have put together a list of cool and useful guitarist resources ( including the Elmore Music lessons above ) on my Online Guitarist Resources page, please feel free to check them out!

Enjoy your music!

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