Sunday, October 25, 2009

Norah Jones "Chasing Pirates" chords & lyrics

Norah Jones has released a new album "The Fall", her first since 2007's "Not Too Late". The album marks something of a new direction musically, and the artist credits boast some top studio crew and musicians who have previously collaborated with the likes of Tom Waits, Kings of Leon, Modest Mouse, Beck, REM, Elvis Costello and Johnny Cash.

The chords and lyrics for Norah's "Thinking about You" was my last Norah Jones post, and I've only had a chance to have a quick listen to the new album, it sounds really smooth, with a 'fuller' sound than previous albums.

I have worked out and posted the chords and lyrics of "Chasing Pirates", the first single from the new album, to my Norah Jones song chords page, check out the link below.

PJs Guitar Chords and Lyrics - Norah Jones songs, "Chasing Pirates"

If the embedded video above doesn't play, you can still play along with the song by listening along on YouTube - Norah Jones "Chasing Pirates"

Chords for the song are very straightforward, it should be suitable for early learners to have a go! Verse chords are D, Bm, G, Em and chorus chords are: G, A, D, Bm. That's it!

Norah's official webpage is

Enjoy your music!

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