Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wilco - "Via Chicago" chords and lyrics

Recently posted chords and lyrics for Wilco "Summer teeth" , title track of the album from back in 1999.

As I was listening to the album, there were a few stand-out tracks, one of which, "Via Chicago" I decided would be good to work out and play.

There is a little Dmaj7-D 'thing' at the start of each line, but it basically just involves playing the Dmaj7 chord and a 'hammer-on' of the middle finger to make the D chord. Other than that the song is all D, A, G making it a nice but easy song for begginners to learn.

So, I've added it to my Wilco song chords page, at the link below:

Guitar chords and lyrics to Wilco "Via Chicago"

If the video above doesn't play correctly, you can find it HERE on YouTube

Wilco's official site is http://www.wilcoworld.net/ If you want to browse or buy Wilco music online, click the link below:

Wilco CDs at CD Universe

Enjoy your music!

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