Wednesday, May 14, 2008

REM - Supernatural Superserious chords and Lyrics

REM released "Accelerate", their 14th studio album, earlier this year. After the general disappointment of fans with its predecessor "Around the Sun", "Accelerate" marks a return to a more guitar-based sound. Which suits me just fine!

REM - Guitar Chords for 'Supernatural Superserious', the first single from the album is definitely reminiscent of earlier albums, I think it sounds as if it could have been on 'Monster'.

My chords and lyrics version of the song, suitable for either electric or acoustic guitar players is now on my chords and lyrics website, strangely enough, on the REM song chords page! I have quite a few of their songs, scroll down about halfway down the page. Check it out at the link below:

Guitar chords and lyrics to REM - Supernatural Superserious

You can buy REM albums online at CDUniverse - REM Music page

The official REM website is at and their MySpace page is at

Enjoy your music!

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Richard said...

Hi PJ,

Great site. I've been using it for years.
Recently I've been searching for torrents with complete lists of guitar chords with lyrics but without any luck! I used to have one from OLGA, I happened to lose that due to a faulty hard drive hence the search!

Do you happen to have a zip file with all your guitar chords and lyrics?

Anonymous said...


Thanx for the kind comments, much appreciated!

Afraid I don't have a zip file for download. You can browse my full collection of chords and lyrics at I update with new songs regularly, so would prefer not to offer a bulk download, to encourage people to come back to the site and check out the new additions.

Enjoy your music,

P.J. Murphy said...

Sorry - forgot to link that URL - it's PJs Guitar Chords and Lyrics