Monday, May 12, 2008

Regina Spektor - Samson chords and lyrics

I had previously worked out and posted chords and lyrics to "Hotel Room" from "Begin to Hope", the fourth album by New-York-based, Moscow-born Regina Spektor. I had always intended that I would work on some of the other songs from this album, but am amazed to discover that the "Hotel Room" post was in May 2007!

So - I've decided to rectify the omission, and have worked out my basic chords and lyrics version of "Samson", another great song from the album. The song is now included on my Miscellaneous Pop Guitar Songs page, which now has 221 songs. The website ( PJs Guitar Chords and Lyrics ) has chords and lyrics to 1,710 songs )

The song is in the key of B major - I have transcribed it to A major to make the chords a bit more playable for learning guitarists ( you can still play along with the CD by putting a capo on the 2nd fret ) - but I've included the version in B for the purists! You can try your hand at playing the song by clicking on the link below

Pop guitar songs - chords and lyrics to Regina Spektor, 'Samson'

You can buy Regina Spektor music at CDUniverse - Regina Spektor Music page

Regina's official website is at: or you can check out her MySpace page here.

Enjoy your music!

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