Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Kooks 'Always where I need to be' chords

Always a bit of a nailbiter when a band you like are about to release their second Album.

I loved 'Inside In/Inside Out', the million-selling debut album by Brighton Brit-Pop-Punk-Rock band, "The Kooks", particularly "Naive" and "She Moves in her own Way". I wouldn't be quite as bowled over as I am by The Fratellis ( nervously awaiting their second offering...! ), but a great band nonetheless, and "Konk", their second album, is growing on me with every listen.

'Always where I need to be'', is the new single from "Konk", and it continues in the quirky, rocky vein of it's predecessors.

I've worked out a playable version of the song, which should be suitable for either electric or acoustic guitar and, as I already had 3 Kooks songs on my chords and lyrics website, I've now created a new 'Kooks' page, at the link below:

The Kooks - Guitar Chords and lyrics, including 'Always where I need to be'

You can buy all of the Kooks music at CDUniverse - The Kooks Music page

The Kooks official site can be found at http://www.thekooks.co.uk/ and their MySpace page is at http://www.myspace.com/thekooks

Enjoy your music!

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