Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wilco - 'I am trying to break your heart' chords

Wilco have been one of those 'slow-burner' bands for me. Always quite liked them, bought the albums, but never really listened to them that often. I had posted "Jesus Etc" and "Either Way" earlier, to my Rock guitar songs page, mainly on my daughters' recommendations. But I listened to them exclusively recently while walking the pup, and have definitely 'seen the light' - I hope to work out and post enough of their songs to warrant a seperate Wilco page on the site, very soon.

Meanwhile, I have worked out my version of "I am trying to break your heart" from the somewhat controversial "Yankee Foxtrot Tango" album, and for the time being, posted it to the Misc. Rock songs page at the link below:

Rock songs - guitar chords and lyrics to I Am Trying to Break Your Heart by Wilco

Check out the official Wilco website at : or check out their album and singles list on their CDUniverse page

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Enjoy your music!

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