Sunday, May 11, 2008

Win a Dave Mustaine Guitar!!

My very good friend Chris Elmore, who you will know from the great guitar 'mini-lessons' he provides for my Guitar Tips blog and for my Guitar Chords monthly newsletter, is holding a contest with a superb Dave Mustaine guitar as the main prize. You can actually check out the guitar at this link:

Ok, so to win this guitar, or one of the other contest prizes, Chris wants you to submit a YouTube video of yourself performing on guitar. He explains it fully in this short video clip:

How to win the Dave Mustaine Guitar

Take a look at the video clip ( about 2 mins ) - if you think you have what it takes to impress Chris, just follow the instructions on the page, and you're on your way to bringing home an awesome guitar. Please don't be shy about this - I know Chris is not necessarily looking for someone who can replicate an existing guitar riff. If you think there is anything special you can do, this is your chance to show off your talent, and maybe bag a big prize in the process.

The link to enter the contest again is: How to win the Dave Mustaine Guitar

Regular subscribers will know that Chris is absolutely the most genuine guy in the guitar learning world. As well as regularly providing great free guitar tips for my chords and lyrics newsletter readers, he sponsored some amazing prizes for my 5 million and 10 million visitor celebrations. This contest is to celebrate the release of his latest learning program - 'Rock Methods', and runners-up in the contest will receive copies of this course. I haven't had sight of this course yet ( it won't be launched for a while ) but I know that it will be up to the standard of excellence of all of the Elmore Music learning tools.

I would encourage you to take part in this contest, show the world what you can do, and hopefully, bring home that fabulous guitar!

Meanwhile, I will be adding some songs to my chords and lyrics website which will hopefully meet your requirements.

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