Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Long Way Home - Tom Waits

I've had the Tom Waits 'Orphans' Triple-CD since Christmas, so I've surprised myself with how few of the songs I've worked on since then. While the 'Bastards' ( 3rd CD of the set ) songs are unlikely to suit acoustic or rhythm guitar, there are a bunch of songs on the 'Bawlers' and even on the 'Brawlers' CDs, so I'm going to try catch up over the next while.

With this in mind, I've just added my version of the chords and lyrics to "Long Way Home" to my Tom Waits song chords page. Very playable - and you don't have to do the 'Tom' voice!! It actually has a bit of a Springsteen feel to it, much like 'Hold On' from 'Mule Variations'. See what you think of it. If you are a new visitor, or haven't visited in a while, check out the more than 1,600 songs on my song chords and lyrics site

You can check out Tom's official website at : http://www.tomwaits.com/

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Enjoy your music!

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